Current Research Strands

My research can be organized into four main strands:

1. The relation between language and perception in Husserl

The first part of my research develops the questions raised in my Dissertation and provides a phenomenological account of the relations that tie together language and perception.

2. The relationship between German and Austrian philosophy

The second part of my research project consists in an in-depth investigation of the historical background of Husserl’s phenomenology that focuses on the relationship between German and Austrian philosophy at the turn of the 20th century.

3. The moral problems related to self-knowledge

My most recent works investigate the epistemological and moral issues related to self-knowledge and attempt to develop a phenomenological approach to the question of self-knowledge.

4. The extent and limits of phenomenological experience

Finally, these three facets of my research led me to critically interrogate the extent and intrinsic limitations of phenomenological experience.