1. The relation between language and perception in Husserl

The first part of my research develops the questions raised in the Dissertation I defended in 2010 at University Paris-Sorbonne and investigates the relation between language and perception in Husserl, and more generally in phenomenological thought (in both German and French traditions). My dissertation analyzes from a historical and systematic point of view the roots of the descriptive method of phenomenology, and stresses the role of the distinction between sensible and categorial intuition in order to bridge the gap between perception and the linguistic propositions that describe it. I have extended this analysis in my book Husserl on Categories. Language, Thought, Perception (Paris, Vrin, 2015), in which I investigate the kind of harmony between the structures of language and of perception that phenomenological description relies on, and propose a new reading of the ‘breakthrough’ of phenomenology in Husserl. This research also encompasses a translation (from German to French) of Husserl’s 1902 lectures on theory of knowledge that I would like to publish in the coming year.


Related publications:

  • Husserl on Categories. Language, Thought, PerceptionParis, Vrin, 2015
  • “The ground and the keystone of phenomenology. Husserl and Heidegger on the phenomenological use of categories”, in Etudes Philosophiques, Forthcoming in 2016
  • “On the logic of fulfilment”, in Recherches Philosophiques de l’ICT, special issue « La logique phénoménologique », Forthcoming in 2016