Harvard University, March 10, 2020: Thinking the Self, along the Tear of Traditions

Organized by M. E. Littlejohn, Pierre-Jean Renaudie, Stephanie Rumpza

Hosted by the Dialectical Thinking in the Humanities Seminar at Harvard

Emerson Hall, 210, Harvard University

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1:00 pm Pierre-Jean Renaudie, Université de Lyon-III

Opening Remarks

1:15 pm Dermot Moran, Boston College

“The Self in the Phenomenological Tradition”

2:15 pm Juliet Floyd, Boston University



3:30 pm Claude Romano, Sorbonne Université/Australian Catholic University

“Turning Away from the Self”

Response: Charles Larmore, Brown University


5:00 pm Richard Moran, Harvard University

“Self-Consciousness and Self-Division”

Response: Charles Larmore, Brown University