The logic of Fulfillment

P.-J. Renaudie, “De la psychologie à la logique du remplissement”, in Recherches Philosophiques, n°3, 2016 (Husserl, La phénoménologie ou la tâche de la logique, numéro spécial coordonné par Paula Lorelle)

Phenomenology arose from the confluence of a descriptive psychology and a logical analysis of conscious experiences. In order to clarify the meaning of such logical analysis of consciousness in Husserl’s early works, this article looks into the genesis of the concept of fulfillment, which plays a fundamental role with respect to the discovery of the phenomenological method. It argues that the transformation and ‘logicisation’ of this concept initially coined on psychological grounds allows Husserl to put forward a renewed approach to the idea of the adequacy between meaning-intentions and their intuitive fulfillment, and provides the grounds for a phenomenological theory of truth protected against the weaknesses traditionally attached to correspondence theories of truth.